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Water ring vacuum pump

Shreeji Technology.-an ISO 9001-2015 company- offers a efficient Water Ring Vacuum Pump.
The main advantage of the water ring vacuum pumps is represented by their simple and troblefree operation.They can be used for handling moist air as well as aggressive gases and vapours, provided the construction material is adequately selected.Even dust laden gases can be handled without difficulties.The medium emitted on the pressure side of the machine is absolutely oil free. Compression takes place with small temperature rise as most of the compression heat is absorbed by the watering which acts as a seal between the pressure and suction space.

Principle of water ring vacuum pump :-

Water ring vacuum pump is a rotary displacement vacuum pump in which a rotor on eccentric bearing with fixed blades forces a liquid against the wall of the stator (casing).

The liquid takes the shape of a ring concentrically to the stator and forms several chambers with changing volume together with the rotor blades.


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