Manual bag cement feeding system, Cement / Fly ash unloading system/ Dual feeding system

Shreeji Technology is known as a one of the most leading and reliable Cement feeding system manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The cement feeding system is the quickest method that is used to transfer the bulk material from one to point to another. We manufacture robost performance giving systems and hence are one of the dominant Cement Feeding System Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.
Empowered by Shreeji technology with team of experienced engineers, we have attained success as a successful manufacturer, exporter and suppliers of cement feeding system which conveying cement / Fly ash in to storage silo at Ready mix concrete sites or batching plant sites. These cement feeding systems are versatile with modern manufacturing process which is synonymous with high technology operation and employs high tech tools and processes.
With the essential features of Cement and Fly ash conveying system includes a clear set of objectives for the delivery process, we aimed at maximizing performance for the customer requirement at the project level from design to delivery.

Special feature:-

  1. Less maintenance
  2. Portability with trolley-based structure
  3. Oil free conveyance
  4. Dual functions – manual feeding and bulker unloading
  5. Interconnected sequences
  6. Ensure contamination free transfer for material
  7. Pressurised seal

Optional Accessories: -

  1. Dry bag type box filter
  2. Dust collection system
  3. Rubber hose pipe set
  4. Control panel

Live Image:-


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Shreeji Technology is dedicating to provide a product quality, value and services which meets a customer need. Optimum use of computer aided design software , 3D Modeling analysis softwares to achieve quality assurance procedures.